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‘We’re not going to be run out of our community’: Northland residents express concern over recent gun violence

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Rubye Kyles and Judith Cockrell are neighbors in the Northland area of Columbus. They say a lot has changed along 161 — not far from their homes.

“As a resident, I feel concerned because we’ve been seeing a lot of gun violence on 161 in the Northland area,” said Cockrell.

Days ago, a Roosters restaurant on East Dublin Granville Road announced it was closing for good after two shootings in as many months. One of the shootings was deadly.

On Tuesday, a barbershop employee was killed in a shooting while on the job on North Meadows Boulevard.

“I was feeling a lot of shock, and then I was feeling sad for the individual who chose that as a way to express their emotions and feelings,” said Cockrell.

Cockrell is the Executive Director of Elevate Northland, a non-profit founded in 2019 that provides support and resources for neighbors with diverse backgrounds.

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