Ohio clinics see demand increase for fourth COVID shot, CDC stats unavailable

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Some Americans are receiving fourth COVID-19 vaccines, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not have any data available regarding how many people have gotten second booster shots.

The CDC reports there has been a recent increase in vaccinations overall in the U.S., spokesperson Scott Pauley said.

“CDC is working to update its booster dose metrics on COVID-19 Data Tracker to accommodate updated booster dose recommendations. At this time, we cannot confirm that the uptick in vaccinations is due to second booster doses,” Pauley said.

Infectious disease expert Dr. Robert Bonomo, associate chief of staff for academic affairs at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, said they’ve seen high uptake from their veteran patients.

“Surprisingly, there was a lot of interest in getting the second booster, and our patient population averages between 65 and 67, at least in our VA, and a lot of them have some immunocompromising,” he said. “I know the first day that we opened up our doors for the second boost, at least 100 patients came in, if not more so.”

Each vaccine provider should be tracking how many people have gotten second boosters, even if that data isn’t being posted on state or federal dashboards at this time, Bonomo said.

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