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Columbus Weather: Freeze warning Monday morning; sunny, warmer temps this afternoon

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) — Good Monday morning! A chilly start to the workweek with morning temps in the mid-lower 30s.

We have a Frost Advisory or Freeze Warning for the entire area. Mostly sunny today and warming into the mid 60s with a light breeze out of the southwest. More clouds tonight with low temps dipping into the mid 40s.

Tuesday will be mostly cloudy with a slight chance for rain during the morning or midday, but a better chance of rain later in the day. Severe weather is not likely, but we will likely pick up about a quarter of an inch of rain. We will warm to a high around 67 with 10-20 mph winds out of the southwest for Tuesday.

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The importance of Earth Day

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Earth Day is here and one central Ohio organization is continuing its efforts to keep Goodale Park clean while preserving the variety of plants and trees.

According to the 2023 Global Climate Report from the National Centers for Environmental Information, 2023 was the warmest year since global records began in 1850. They also reported that the 10 warmest years in the 174-year-old record have all occurred in the last decade.

People of all ages came out to Goodale Park in Columbus to collect trash, weed, mulch, and more as the Friends of Goodale Park, a nonprofit and volunteer organization, hosted their Earth Day event on April 13.

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Could Ohio be home to the U.S. Space Command headquarters?

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Ohio politicians hope the state catches President Joe Biden’s eye as the next home for the U.S. Space Command – but they may be reaching for the stars.

As the Biden administration continues what has become a politicized search for the Space Command’s headquarters, elected officials at the local, state and federal levels want Ohio – specifically its Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton – to be the No. 1 choice.

“Our vision is that Ohio becomes a global leader in aviation, aerospace,” state Rep. Adam Holmes (R-Nashport) told fellow lawmakers Tuesday morning.

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Planet orbiting 2 stars discovered using new technique

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – An international team of astronomers is the first to apply an old technique to discover a new type of planet that orbits two stars – what is known as a circumbinary planet.

As an added bonus, researchers found a second planet that is orbiting the same two stars, which is only the second confirmed multi-planet circumbinary system found to date. The study was published today in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Circumbinary planets were once relegated to only science fiction, but thanks to data collected from NASA’s Kepler mission, astronomers now know that multiple star systems are more common than previously thought. While many may not have planets of their own, roughly half the stars in the sky are made up of double, triple or quaternary formations. The other half are single stars like our sun, yet despite their quantity, scientists understand very little about the planets that form around multiple star systems.

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Plan now for the 2024 solar eclipse in Ohio

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Where will you be when the moon blocks the sun in April 2024?

If you live in Ohio, you will not have to travel far to experience the total solar eclipse.

NASA just released a map that shows the next two solar eclipses that can be seen in the U.S.

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OSU student developing wearable tech for NASA

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D. student Allyanna Rice can’t help but be impressed by 70 years of innovation, in particular in the way of wearable antennas on display at the ElectroScience Laboratory on OSU’s campus.

“It’s cool to see kind of the history of our lab. It’s been around since the 40s,” said Rice.

The natural evolution of technology has brought her to this point.

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ODNR celebrates Earth Science Week

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COLUMBUS — The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Geological Survey is inviting Ohioans of all ages to celebrate Earth Science Week.

A series of activities and programs will highlight the annual celebration Oct. 9-Oct. 15.

“Teaching people about the importance of earth sciences is vital to sustaining the world in which we live,” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said. “These hands-on lessons will be essential to educating and inspiring the next generation of people who will love and care for our planet.”

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