You Can Only Get Burger King’s Angry Whopper in One Place

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The year 2009 was a tough time. The U.S. economy narrowly avoided a near total collapse, and Burger King was looking to diversify its burger portfolio with its latest addition, the Angry Whopper. The new burger aimed to titillate the taste buds with jalapeño slices, pepper jack cheese, spicy fried onions, and hot “Angry Sauce.” (Perhaps the Whopper was so angry because it lost its life savings on Wall Street.)

According to some reviews at the time, the burger wasn’t particularly spicy, but was still a step up from the original Whopper. Seth Rogen, on the other hand, said the burger made him sweat so much people thought he had a seizure (though this might have been exacerbated by his severe hangover). Although the burger was only available for a limited time, it captured a bit of a cult following. And now, it’s headed back to one very specific market, to the delight of Burger King fans everywhere in Columbus, Ohio.

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